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  • What do you charge for all this great service?

    The national average commission rates is 35%, with local rates between 20% - 60%. Tahoe Rentals charges well below the national average for truly exceptional service. Keep in mind, the commission schedule shown below is based on actual revenue, which means we only earn commission when your home is rented.
    • Vacation Rentals: 25% for 30 days or less **A $50 fee is deducted from Gross Rental Revenue to inspect and supply prior to arrival and departure.
    • Ski Lease Rentals: 20% for rentals 6 months or less
    • Long Term Rentals: 10% - 15% for rentals 6 months or longer

  • What is the best way to rent my home with Tahoe Rentals?

    This depends on what your goals are. How often do you want use your home and how much annual revenue you would like to see.
    • Vacation Rentals gives you the flexibility to use your home for your own personal enjoyment. Ski Leases allow you the ability to have a tenant rent your home for 4 to 6 months. Most utilities are paid by the Tenant(s).
    • Long Term rentals allow Tenant(s) the ability to live in your home for 1 year or more. In most cases all utility costs are paid for by the Tenant(s) except for HOA dues, and sewer charges.

  • How do you go about setting rental rates for my home?

    We have 5 decades of experience and knowledge in this specific Tahoe rental market to achieve maximum results for your home. Factors like HOA amenities, the size and number of people your home will accommodate, location, views, hot tub, and overall quality of your home will contribute to determining your home’s rental rates. Rates are specifically set by season holidays with minimum night stays for high demand periods. We keep our rates flexible to reflect current market conditions and weather-related setbacks.

  • What are the “must have” amenities that are required in my home?

    Every home is unique, we do however require a standard quality to insure we can attract quality guests to your home.
    These include:
    • Clean/mostly updated furnishings
    • Newer TVs, cable or live-streaming access
    • Fully stocked kitchen
    • Clean/newer carpeting and flooring
    • Comfortable beds with 2 sets of updated linens for each bed
    • Outdoor space with patio sets and a Gas BBQ
    • Wi-fi
    • A bear bin
    Other incentives that help attract guests to your home include a hot tub, iPod dock or Bluetooth speakers, allowing pets (with a signed pet agreement), fenced or landscaped yard, fire pit, outdoor games, foosball, air hockey, ping pong or pool tables.

  • When do I get paid for my rentals?

    Vacation rentals will be paid on the last day of every month. Longterm rentals or ski leases are paid on 5th of every month. A direct deposit into your account is preferred

  • Is there a security deposit charged? How much?

    Guests are offered an accidental damage insurance that covers up to $5000 depending on the home. For those that opt out of this coverage there is a refundable security deposit charged in the amount of $500 to $5000. For Long-Term Rentals and Ski Leases, a deposit equal to 2 to 3 months’ rent is required. Potential Long-Term tenants are heavily screened, with background, credit checks and calls to their rental references.

  • Who pays for cleaning and what are your cleaning requirements?

    A well-kept home encourages successful rentals. A cleaning fee is charged to guests upon booking. You will pay for cleaning if your home needs a touch up clean prior to guest’s arrival or if you request to have your home cleaned upon your departure.

  • What do you do about property repairs and maintenance?

    An important part of our service relieves you from dealing with maintenance and repair hassles. We monitor preventative maintenance and handle emergency repairs that sometimes present themselves in our unique and demanding environment. Guests, house inspectors and our cleaners can report real-time maintenance issues through our app. We notify owners in advance for approval on expenses of $300 or more.

  • How do you deal with after-hours emergencies?

    Guests are provided with our after-hours emergency contact. Our staff will immediately address any issues related to protecting your home or for the health and safety of our guests.

  • How will I know when Tahoe Rentals is renting my property and how do I reserve dates for our use?

    We email you every step of the way; once a booking has been made, a guest has paid and once a payment has been sent out to you. You will have access to your own Owner Portal to check availability and reserve your personal use dates. Our on-site staff is consistently improving this software content to keep your best interest in mind.

  • What is your cancellation policy?

    A reservation that is cancelled 120 days or more prior to arrival is subject to a $100 cancellation fee. With reservations inside 120 days prior to arrival, our guests are responsible for the rent and tax, unless we can re-rent their dates.

  • Are there any startup costs to me to join your program?

    No, remember we earn revenue only when you do. We will take care of advertising your home with professional photography, a comprehensive description and rate structure. Your home will be listed on Airbnb at no cost to you. We do highly recommend listing your home on VRBO, which is an annual owner expense.

  • If I decide to sell my property, does Tahoe Rentals take care of the sale for me?

    Yes. Our staff of sales agents are ready to assist you when you are ready to sell your home. Our agents place a premium on honesty, real estate knowledge, collaboration, efficiency and extraordinary customer service in all areas. Our sales representatives are well established in Lake Tahoe with personal knowledge of the quality of neighborhoods, local facilities and current market and pricing trends. You can rely on our skills and expertise.